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HI! I'm Caleb and I'm a little and this is my blog, it is SFW, all about the thingies I like and what I do in little space! Feel free to ask whatever you want and I'm always looking for little friends. I do follow back but I don't like to follow nsfw




My big brother littlebabydee diapered me up and let me wear this freaking awesome Pikachu kigarume! I colored, I didn’t know he was taking pictures until the last one.

I neeeeeed a kigurumi! They’re so cute and comfy-looking!


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Hi! I made this interactive map for all Littles and Daddys etc so we can find local(ish) friends to make

here is the link and the password is littlespace to edit the map, please feel free to add yourself in, make sure to include a way to contact you, your name, a cute picture and the city you live in (personally I think you shouldn’t add in your postcode or real full name or mobile number for safety)  

alternatively, I can add you into the map if you send me a messageI’ll be advertising this on fetlife too ^-^

Adding myselfff

This map is greattt and not everyone knows about it! Even if you don’t wanna add yourself, you should reblog this! Signal boost!

There is still barely anyone close to meee I’m gonna cry

omg this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! 

Spread this around, guys! This could help SO MANY PEOPLE find some well-deserved happiness! :)

I’m there! ^_^

Littles who are trying to find fellow littles or caregivers in your area, here is a good reference.

I’m on there! :D

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The weird irony when someone tells me I have a great personality and I have a personality disorder.

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